Q: Why are the brackets so heavy?

A: In order to obtain a 4’-0” on center spacing DeckStruc™ was designed for a 2,000 lb. load per bracket.  This is also why DeckStruc™ is designed to transfer load directly into the floor diaphragm, as the house band board would not have the ability to sustain such high loads.

Q: Will the brackets rust?

A: Each bracket is made of heavy gauge steel painted with a high quality rust inhibitor.  DeckStruc™ is materially no different than a steel brick lintel.

Q: How do I order?

A: DeckStruc™ brackets are adjustable and can be adjusted from 10 ¼” to 17 1/4” for various spacing of house joists.

Q: What is included with the purchase of each bracket?

A: Each DeckStruc™ bracket purchase includes the required lag bolts and through bolts per bracket plus 4 steel lateral bracing angles per order.