Brick veneer deck ledger boards have become a cumbersome detail since the International Residential Building Code has prohibited transfer of structural load into the brick veneer.

The traditional method utilizes a series of 10” through bolts spaced 12” on center, penetrating the wall assembly.  This installation method relies on the deck load being transferred to the house band board, which is not ideal.

This has become a difficult detail to execute and does not eliminate load transfer to the brick veneer, as well as allowing water to potentially penetrate the moisture barrier.  Interior materials such as insulation and drywall are dependent of the installation of the exterior brick veneer, which causes a slowdown in construction.

DeckStruc™ eliminates these issues with its two-step installation process and only two parts:

  1. Interior Mounting Channel
  2. Exterior Ledger Support

DeckStruc™ is installed by simply placing the interior channel on the top wall plate of the frame wall.  By installing on the top plate, the bracket automatically levels itself.  This allows the interior trades to work independent of the brick installation, speeding up the construction process which can be fully completed by one worker.  Brackets can be spaced at 48” on center because all structural load is transferred into the joint and frame wall, relieving the house band board or brick veneer of carrying any structural deck loads.