Interior Mounting Channel

Step 1: Working from the basement side, place mounting channel on top of the plate of frame wall. Channel side with hole for lag bolt is to be on bottom.
Step 2: Mark the hole location of channel bolts on interior side of house band board.
Step 3: Remove mounting channel and drill holes through band board with 1” drill bit.  Channel must sit freely on plate.
Step 4: Slide mounting bolts on channel through holes and temporarily reinstall mounting channel adjust bracket to joist spacing.  Mark side holes at joist and lag bolt hole.  Remove channel.
Step 5: Drill side holes through joist with 11/16” drill bit.  Drill pilot hole into wall plate with ½” drill bit.
Step 6: Reinstall bracket, through bolt mounting channel to joist, each side using 5/8” bolts provided.  Install 5/8” lag bolt through channel and into plate at base of mounting channel.


Exterior Ledger Bracket

Step 1: Slide the top 2 holes of the ledger bracket onto the bolts penetrating through the house band board on the exterior.
Step 2: Mark location of two bottom lag bolt holes.  Remove ledger bracket.
Step 3: Drill pilot holes with a ½” bit.  Reinstall ledger bracket and caulk bolt holes prior to installing bolts.
Step 4: Complete upper bolts and bottom lag bolt installation.  Tape flash sides and top of bracket.

NOTE: If Exterior sheathing is insulated foam board, plywood must be installed behind ledger bracket.
Step 1:  Place ledger bracket on penetrating bolts.  Trace edge of bracket onto foam sheathing.
Step 2: Remove bracket and cut out sheathing with utility knife.
Step 3: Cut out plywood spacer marking back side of bracket.  Nail plywood in place and caulk edge of plywood to sheathing.
Step 4: Follow Installation procedure above.


Deck Ledger Board

Step 1:  Lay pressure treated 2”x ledger board flat on steel plate at bottom of ledger brace.
Step 2: Mark ledger bracket locations into 2”x pressure treated ledger board.
Step 3: Use a template or simply measure the hole locations established from the edge line marked on deck ledger board.
Step 4: Drill 11/16” hole through deck ledger board and bolt into place.
NOTE: Deck ledger board may cantilever 2’-6” from center of last bracket, but must be continuous over 3 ledger brackets.

Bracket Spacing:
Step 1: For a deck having joist span of 14’ or less the ledger brackets are to be at a max spacing of 5′- 4” O.C.
Step 2:  For deck joists having joist span from 16’ to a max span of 20’, the ledger brackets are to be at a max spacing of 4′- 0” O.C.